Viva Voce

Viva Voce

Viva Voce is a select ensemble of 12 to 16 singers chosen from Voices In Harmony. They perform as part of the VIH concert series, and also sing for many events throughout the year in our community.

Viva Voce performs their own program for a concert and dinner event, usually in early March.

Auditions for Viva Voce are ongoing, though generally they occur in August. Auditions include singing an a cappella solo and an evaluation of various vocal qualities and abilities. Singers are given a trial rehearsal with the whole group.

Bringing Song To Our Comunity

Some of the events at which Viva Voce performs include:

  • The Crystal Lake Memorial Day Ceremony
  • Veteran’s Day Ceremonies
  • Events for the McHenry County Conservation District
  • Art Fairs
  • The McHenry County Patriot Run
  • The Bob Blazier Run for the Arts
  • MCYSA International Baseball Championship
  • The Kiwanis Santa Run

We are proud to bring music to our community!