Chamber Ensembles

Weekly Rehearsals. Fall, Spring and Summer Terms

Chamber Program Director: Cynara Pierzina

Play great music together in a small group. Develop your musicianship and leadership skills. More details below in the FAQ’s.

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Want to play with our Chamber Ensembles?

We will find a place for you in one of our chamber ensembles organized by interest, age and ability. Ensembles meet at an agreed upon time weekly. One of our esteemed faculty coaches each ensemble.

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What is the Cost?

Tuition includes weekly coaching, built-in rehearsal time, music, masterclasses, and performances. Fees range from $120-$150 per semester. Financial support is available.

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Upcoming Chamber Ensemble Performances

During 2020-2021, all chamber ensemble performances will stream via FaceBook Live and YouTube Live.

Dec. 20 3:00pm Online Premiere, MCYO Chamber Ensembles Holiday Cheer for local retirement homes and nursing facilities
Mar. 14 3:00pm Online Premiere, MCYO Chamber Ensembles Winter Concert: Extraordinary

Frequently Asked Questions

  • String Ensemble
  • Flute Choir
  • Clarinet Choir
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Mixed Ensemble
  • Percussion Ensemble

You might have to audition because of the instrumentation of the ensemble. Most often you will be able to join without an audition. Which ensemble depends on your age, experience and level of private study.

Chamber groups perform in two recitals a year that are free and open to the public. Groups play for community events and at local retirement homes. Some chamber ensembles also perform on concerts with MCYO, our youth orchestra program.

Private study is required for some chamber ensembles, but not all. We strongly recommend all our chamber ensemble musicians enroll in private lessons.

Playing in a small chamber music group is fun. It will offer you a chance to:

  • play one on a part but still within a group
  • work together with a handful of others to play as one
  • learn how to listen to and watch fellow musicians
  • learn how to lead as you play together
  • test out your own ideas about how to play the music
  • learn to give and be open to constructive criticism from peers