Sherry Taliaferro – Piano Perfection

Sherry Taliaferro joined the Encore faculty in 2006 – just one year after Encore Music Academy (then Northwest Community Music Academy) was founded. She teaches over 20 piano students and accompanies Encore Youth Choir!

Interview with Sherry:

Did you go to college? If so, where?

S: University of Iowa

What is your favorite food?

S: Donuts. Pretty much any kind of donut makes my day.

If you weren’t a musician, what job would you love to have?

S: I would have been an accountant. I really like math and numbers. It’s a sort of instant gratification when everything lines up and you have the perfect final answer.

What advice would you give to someone considering music as a career?

S: Think hard about how many hours every day you are willing to spend alone, practicing your instrument. Think about how your income might not have guarantees as you piece together performing and teaching and perhaps another job. And if you still have that burning love and passion for the music, go for it!

Who is one of your favorite musicians/composers/artists? Why?

S: I adore the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. It is clean and elegant. I do not have large hands to reach big piano chords, but small hands can still play Bach.

What sparked your interest in your instrument?

S: As a preschooler, I used a toy piano to pick out songs that I heard on the radio. Eventually, my parents purchased a used piano and decided to let me try piano lessons. I loved it and just kept going.