Top 5 Reasons to join Encore Youth Choir!

1. Friends!
Every group activity leads to meeting new people and creating friendships, and choir is all about teamwork! Although everyone in choir comes from many different towns and schools, they all love to sing. You will find new friends and excitement singing with others who feel the same way about music as you do. Choir is just as much about creating an amazing sound as it is about having fun singing with the people around you.

2. Music
In choir, you will sing a lot of different music. Music from other cultures, styles, times and places. Music that might be familiar to you, and music that is brand new. One of the most exciting parts of our choir season is starting new music for each concert!

3. Learn
You will work on your singing technique, music reading skills and learn how to sing in harmony. Each choir focuses on how to become a better musician and singer. In addition, you’ll learn about the composers of the music, their life stories, and how their music connects to your life and experiences today!

4. Perform
You will share your singing with others in concerts, festivals and tours. You will also have the opportunity to offer your singing as a gift to others through community service.

5. Connection
Singing is a part of who we are. It is a way for us to connect to each other and to those around us. Singing will bring you joy your entire life.