Summer Private Lessons


Summer Lessons are scheduled by you and your teacher.

Choose your lesson length – 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons

Choose the weeks you will be taking lessons

Pay for the total number of lessons scheduled



Pay your summer tuition at time of registration.

Contact your teacher to arrange your lesson date/time and which days you will have lessons over the summer.

Select lesson length:
15-minute $15.50/lesson
30-minute $31/lesson
45-minute $46.50/lesson
60-minute $62/lesson

Change quantity to the number of total lessons you plan to take this summer.

ie. Maggie is taking 8, 30-min lessons over the summer – so the quantity would be changed to 8.

Additional information

Lesson Length

15-minute $15.50/lesson, 30-minute $31/lesson, 45-minute $46.50/lesson, 60-minute $62/lesson